I'm James Benson, I'm a 21 year old Englishman. I love playing games, I love making games. About a year and a half ago I woke up to the idea that the gaming industry didn't have to be as untouchable and dream-like as it seemed, and starting learning a bunch of game art disciplines, within a month or two I had tried animation and fell in love. Now I've worked as a character animator at Lionhead on Fable, which is cool! I mainly did this through convincing mod teams that I would be useful to them, and learning on the job.

Here's a random smattering of devs and games that have changed my life. Valve (If I hadn't fired up hammer/worldcraft back in 1998 and had my mind blown by the idea that People make GAMES with their bare hands from NOTHING, this website wouldn't be here). Blizzard (thanks for keeping me in touch with all my friends as we left our home town and went our separate ways, as well as pretty much getting me into multiplayer games with Diablo 2, not to mention everything else you ever did), and thank you Mike Morhaime for giving me your autograph!.

Bioware, as well as enjoying your games, you got me into Pen and Paper Dungeons and Dragons through NWN, and that was also the first game I made custom content for. Thanks, you had a profound impact on my life.

So anyway, if you enjoyed my reel, and you think I sound like a nice guy, then drop me an email, even if it's just to say 'Hey, we think you need to work on X/Y/Z'